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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the shelter open?
No, the interior work is ongoing with drywall and kennels being placed. The storage and main buildings are up and the septic system is in. Landscaping is being worked on and we got a donation of field fencing for part of the perimeter.

2. Where is the shelter located?
The shelter is located just north of Hazleton off Highway 150.

3. What can I do to help?
We need people to donate their time and talent. Watch our facebook page and website for up coming events. If you have a good idea for a fundraiser come to one of our monthly meetings.

4. Are any of the board members moving their business with the shelter?
All of the members of the board are involved with animals professionally. Our individual businesses are separate from the shelter. The shelter belongs to everyone who has volunteered time or donated money to help us achieve our dream.

5. When will it be open?
We are anxious to open but this is major undertaking. We want to build right the first time. Also we need to make sure we can maintain the shelter for a year before opening the doors.

6. Is Buchanan County involved in or funding the shelter in any way?
No, we are a group of dedicated volunteers. We receive no income from the county and they are not members of our board. We did receive donations from the City of Hazleton and are grateful for their continued support. This shelter is going to be possible with the wonderful support of the people in our community who truly care about animals!